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H&D 3000
  • 품목

    경도/밀도 시험기 (Hardness/Density tester)

  • 제조사
  • 카탈로그
  • 2 Instruments in 1

  • 자동화된 고무 경도 및 밀도 시험

  • 특화된 회전 트레이 설계

MODEL Size (HxWxD) Weight Samples Sample diameter Sample capacity Test method Measurement range
H&D 3000 600 mm x 650 mm x 680 mm about 80 kg Cured rubber discs Circular discs with 30 - 45 mm diameter, 5 - 8mm thickness
(other dimensions and shapes available on request)
Continuous rotary sample tray with 20 sample capacity (Optional sample trays up to 2000 samples are available) Hydrostatic weighing according ISO 2781, ASTM D1817 < 1.0 g/cm³ to 2.8 g/cm³ (lower density range possible with anti-float holder)



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