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About Service

JFM will do its best to provide our customers with the best service.


JFM provides Innovative solutions for all reliability tests.

As an innovative solutions supplier for all the instruments and environmental simulation reliability tests, JFM is committed to providing a high level of service to meet a wide range of requirements across this field.

We provide high-level advice on diagnosing the cause of equipment problems and maintenance with expert personnel majored in mechanical, electrical, electronic, refrigeration and air conditioning engineering. We are capable of quick and accurate service through the professional training by outside institutions and manufacturers, enabling us to provide our customers with high-satisfaction services.


Installation and Commissioning

Before installing the reliability test equipment, we visit the customer to check the utility and the conditions of installation. After installation, we conduct a trial run to check if the equipment is operating normally.

User training

After installation of the equipment, we provide relevant materials such as operation manuals and drawings, and provide on-site operation training to help users use the equipment without problems. In addition, in the event of the change or addition of, we provide the same training as the one after-installation.


In case of a problem while operating the equipment, the responsible engineer at each equipment manufacturer checks and determines the situation over the phone within 24 hours, and we arrange a reservation for a service visit. We also offer quicker service with standard spare parts and an extensive service network.

Regular Inspection

Regular maintenance is required to ensure the equipment operates in a normal condition. This prevents potential problems during operation and ensures the longer life of the equipment. We assign dedicated engineers to conduct regular inspections and to provide more accurate and quicker service.



JFM will always provide the best quality and service for customer satisfaction.