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JFM Technology

Please see JFM Tech's product catalog.

Please see reliability test equipment supplied by JFM Tech.

We supply reliability test equipment from global partners with world-class technology to domestic and international customers. We promise to provide you with the best products and services for reliability test.

JFM Engineering

Please see JFM Engineering's product catalog.

Please see reliability test equipment provided by JFM engineering.

We produce and supply customized reliability test equipment through continuous research and development. In the future, JFM will do its best to supply high-quality test equipment at reasonable prices through continuous development.

JFM Corporation

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Please see valves specialized in various industrial areas supplied by JFM.

We supply industrial valves specialized in petrochemicals, gas and marine industries. We will reward our customers with high-quality valves from global partners and the best services for their satisfaction.



JFM will always provide the best quality and service for customer satisfaction.