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Welfare Benefits

We provide various welfare benefits to improve the life quality of JFM people.

  • Pleasant working environment

    We have a cafeteria and snack bar to provide a variety of snacks, and air purifiers are placed in each department to provide a comfortable working environment.

  • Self-development subsidy

    We support the full amount of book purchase, and subsidize such self-development expenses as educational institute tuition and fitness fee.

  • Support for family events

    We provide employees with holidays and monetary supports as well as commemorative gifts and wreaths in case of family events.

  • Flexible work system

    In order to increase work efficiency, we are implementing a flexible work system, and a flexible reduced work system for pregnant women.

  • Support for in-house clubs

    In order to actively support the exchange and self-development between the employees, we operate various clubs such as climbing, golf, and basketball.

  • Various award programs

    We award for long-term service and excellent employees of the year as well as prizes.

  • Various support programs

    We are running a variety of support programs such as supporting holiday homecoming, child tuition, multi-child allowance, employee loan, housing fund and communication expenses.



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