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Recruitment FAQ

Please be advised of the frequently asked questions as follows.


Can I apply again if I failed before?

There are no penalties for past applications.

How do I submit the documents such as transcripts, language, and certifications?

The guidance on the submission of supporting documents will be provided separately after the final acceptance. If the information on your resume is not true or if the submitted documents are forged, acceptance may be cancelled.

Contact point for inquiries regarding recruitment?

In case of inquiries regarding recruitment, please contact Management Support Team (T. 02-598-6112).

What are the working hours?

Five days per week. Substitute holidays will be provided in case of unavoidable work on holidays.

Where is the work place after employment?

The headquarter is located in Guro Digital Complex in Guro-dong, Seoul, and has branches in Ulsan and overseas. Please check the place of work indicated in the announcement when applying for a job.

How is the probationary period applied?

In principle, the probationary period is 3 months from the date of employment.

What are the qualifications for the job?

Basically, there are no restrictions on age and gender. Please check the job posting board and recruitment site for the details of qualifications, since a certain level of education, language and relevant experience may be required depending on the field of the job.

What is the recruitment process?

Paper screening > 1st interview > 2nd interview > executive interview. The interviews will be conducted in a one-to-many manner.

How should I apply for the job?

Please check the job openings listed on the job posting board on the homepage.



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