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Flowserve Flow Control
  • Flowserve 밸브 전제품 취급 가능

Manufacturer Feature
Argus Focusing on the manufacture of high specification valves from Ettlingen, Germany, Argus has developed a
strong brand name and reputation for high quality and performance within the chemical, petrochemical and
oil & gas industries.
Atomac Specialising in the design and manufacture of lined equipment, Atomac has developed a broad portfolio of
products from their headquarters in Ahaus, Germany. Now recognized as a quality leader in the supply of
this specialized equipment they have a reputation for satisfying and solving customer applications.
Automax From their manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, China and India, Automax offers a broad range
of rack and pinion and Scotch yoke actuators. They also produce ancillary equipment such as switch boxes,
mounting kits and gear overrides to satisfy all actuation requirements.
Deutsche Audco AUDCO ball valves are ideally suited for service in oil and gas pipelines. They have been proven in various
applications in metering and regulation stations, compressor stations as well as for refineries, product
pipelines and storage facilities.
Valbart The company specializes in designing and manufacturing API 6A and API 6D Trunnion Mounted ball valves. Valbart is also recognized for its production of Trunnion Mounted Control Ball Valves, Cryogenic Valves, Twin Ball Double Block & Bleed Valves and Rising Stem Friction Free Ball Valves.
Edward All procedures for quality assurance and lot-traceability have earned Flowserve Edward Valves the ASME N stamp and certification of our Raleigh, North Carolina, manufacturing facility for nuclear service valve production.
Gestra Designed to increase the efficiency of stem and condensate applications, thses new Gestra products serve a wide range of industries and applications including the chemical and petrochemical industries, the pharmaceutical industry, and stem and hot water plants.
Durco With a history of manufacturing valves in a wide range of specialized alloys Durco of Cookeville TN, USA has focused
on meeting the high demands of the Chemical and Petrochemical industry. Strong engineering, metallurgy and
research have resulted in a broad range of plug and butterfly valves.
McCANNA/Marpac The manufacturing facility in Cookeville, TN, USA produces a selection of McCANNA top entry ball valves and Marpac
threaded end ball valves for a wide variety of severe service applications within the chemical and petrochemical
NAF In 1933, NAF in Sweden, produced the first known ball valve. Ever since that time it has developed a strong history of
supplying high quality metal seated ball, V-port ball and triple offset butterfly valves. The company is now a leading
supplier of automated rotary control and on-off valves for many demanding applications
Noble Alloy Noble Alloy Valves offers ball valves and check valves that are available in a great variety of high alloys and materials
from their facility in Cookeville TN, USA. These valves are designed to handle extreme corrosive applications, high
pressures and severe temperature processes.
Norbro As the recognized brand leader in rack and pinion actuators Norbro has a reputation for high quality and reliability
world wide. From their manufacturing facility in West Sussex, UK, Norbro supplies actuators for a diverse range of market
PMV Specializes in the design and manufacture of digital and analog positioners, switchboxes and accessories for mainly
quarter turn valves. The digital products of Sweden based PMV are compatible with all main communication protocols
for monitoring and controlling plant processes. Its ValveSight Diagnostics software enables increased plant efficiency.
Worcester Controls Worcester Controls have been manufacturing valves from their facilities in the United Kingdom and USA for over 50
years. As the brand leader in ball valves they have focused on producing quality products to comply with all
international standards and to meet a variety of user requirements.
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