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is a challenging company.
We pursue a company with enjoyable challenges and pleasant to work for.

The company stood up in the world at the age of 30. Thank you to everyone who has been with JFM.

Many things have become history for the past 30 years, and a lot of our experiences have turned into knowledges. We are going to carve out our future based on those knowledges.

When JFM started 30 years ago, we were communicating with the pager and the public phones. But now it's the era of IoT, artificial intelligence, 5G, and the fourth industrial revolution. JFM has been sublimating the work into fun and enjoyment, and will gather these exciting values together to lead this era.JFM, through its work, will become a company that brings peace to our families and contributes to the nation and people. The simple and dowdy basic principle of only knowing and sticking to "one big thing"will continue to apply to JFM. Together with these basics, the next thirty years and sixty years will be met in an excitement.

In this way, we will implement sincerity and innovation so as to make JFM a company beloved by employees, and recognized and respected by customers.

Thank you.

2020. 06. 01

Challenging and enjoying at work. Joy and Fun are the core value of JFM.

This means the fun after the success of their hard challenge and the joy after they accomplish the goals.

Nobody here so called extremely showy career before joins JFM. However, people work harder than anyone, because they once were the One who spent the days in vain and have realized how much time is Valuable at JFM. Therefore, we know we should do our best for a promising Future. Applicants having only illustrious career on resume, on the other hand, Would not be qualified.

We prefer the guys with the right attitude to the world, do understand what to do and prepare well for the target. Thus, we are looking forward to meeting the people hitting the goals in the long run. We are ordinary people. It is common to make mistakes, fail to achieve our goals and be poor in team-work.

Like ‘Hedgehong Concept’ as Jim Collins stated, JFM believes the basic principle with “A Crucial Big Spirit”. The spirit is simple, rustic, and very essential to grow a greater company. Based on this philosophy, we Want to make our own success with the customers. Consequently, we promise to dedicate ourselves to our own country and international community.

2010. 06. 01

Kim, Ji-Hyun CEO



JFM will always provide the best quality and service for customer satisfaction.